43. Who can advise me about being able to continue working?

Your GP and Consultant can give you specific advice about your condition and your ability to continue full or part time employment. ‘Access to Work’ a government scheme established to help those affected by a disability or health condition will also be able to advise you. An Access to Work adviser can speak to you and your employer to reach a decision about the best support for you. In most cases, this can be done over the telephone, but a visit can be arranged if necessary.
Sometimes specialist advice may be needed, which the Access to Work adviser will help to arrange. For example, your adviser may arrange for a specialist organisation to complete an assessment and recommend appropriate support. (See question 34 for contact details of Access to Work.)
Also, in each Jobcentre Plus, there are Disability Employment Advisors who can help you if you are seeking work, or are unemployed.
Contact your local Jobcentre Plus at:
Hanover House
Telephone: 0345 604 3719

Kingsway Precinct
BA11 1QW
Telephone: 0345 604 3719
The Avenue
TA24 5SH
Telephone: 0345 604 3719

Brendon House
High Street
Telephone: 0345 604 3719

Federated House
BA20 1UU
Telephone: 0345 604 3719

Chamberlain Street,
BA5 2PJ.
Telephone: 0845 604 3719


44. Is there any financial help for my employer to adapt the workplace?

The amount of help which you may receive from Access to Work will vary depending on how long you have been employed, what support you need and whether you are selfemployed. Access to Work can pay up to 100% of the approved costs of adaptations if you are:
• unemployed and starting a new job
• self-employed
• working for an employer and have been in the job for less than six weeks

Whatever your employment status, Access to Work will also pay up to 100% of the approved costs to help with:
• support workers
• fares to work
• communication support at interview

Access to Work pays a proportion of the costs of support if all of the following apply to you:
• you’re working for an employer
• you’ve been in the job for six weeks or
• you need special equipment or adaptations to premises

45. Where do I go if I think I am being discriminated against in the workplace because of my disability?

If you think you are being discriminated against in the workplace you should seek expert advice. Your local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) can help you and provides specialist employment rights advice. Their service is free, impartial and independent. There are numerous CAB offices in Somerset. Some are listed here:
Mendip (Shepton Mallet) CAB 0844 411 1444
Sedgemoor CAB 01278 455236
Taunton CAB 01823 282235
South Somerset CAB 01935 421167
West Somerset is covered by the West Somerset Advice Bureau and can be contacted on – 01634 704624
You can also visit the CAB website at
The Disability Law Service (DLS) is a registered national charity providing free and
confi dential legal advice for disabled people.
They can be contacted at:
Disability Law Service
C/O Real
First floor, Jack Dash House
2 Lawn House Close
E14 9YQ
Telephone: 020 7791 9800
ACAS – The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service provides advice to both employees and employers regarding any employment issues. Contact their helpline on 0300 123 1100 or visit their website –
If you are a member of a Trade Union contact your local union representative as they can provide free advice and representation.


46. I am unable to continue working in the same role due to my disability. Who can I speak to about my legal rights, or about finding another job?

In terms of your legal rights please see Question 45 above.
To find another job your first point of contact should be Access to Work (Questions 34 & 43)