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Welcome to the Somerset Neurological Alliance

Our Aims

The aim of the group is to champion the needs of people with neurological conditions, and their families and carers, living in Somerset.

Our Objectives
To enable the health and social care needs of people with long-term neurological conditions (LTNC), and their families and carers, living in Somerset to be clearly identified.To provide a voice for people affected by neurological conditions in Somerset.

To provide a key point of patient/user/carer contact for health and social care agencies in Somerset on generic neurological issues.

To engage with health and social care commissioners and support services to ensure that service commissioning is based on the needs and experience of people with neurological conditions and their families and carers.To monitor the delivery and quality of services, feeding back to service commissioners and providers.

To lobby and campaign for improved health, social care and support services, working in collaboration with other organisations with common objectives.

Our Constitution
View or download the Somerset neurological Alliance's constitution here (PDF).


Parkinsonís UK Self-Management, Information and Support Day

We are pleased to announce that Parkinsonís UK will also be piloting a new Self-Management, Information and Support Day in Taunton on 13 June 2018. This will be for people with Parkinsonís, family, friends and carers. We would like your help to promote the day

The day is for:

  • people recently diagnosed
  • those diagnosed for a while and now ready to engage with support
  • family, friends and carers who have their own questions about Parkinsonís (they are welcome to come without the person with Parkinsonís)

The day will be hosted by Parkinsonís UK local staff and volunteers providing their expertise about Parkinsonís and knowledge of local services. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions, share information, discuss self-management and hear from others living with Parkinsonís. More information is available at https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/information-and-support

As a result of the day we intend that people will:

  • be inspired by self-management approaches
  • be armed with information and knowledge
  • feel more connected to others
  • know ways they can support their wellbeing
  • have a personalised pathway of support in place

Could you represent patients and carers and help to develop Somerset's the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP)?

Somerset's Sustainability and Transformation PlanVisit the news page to find out more about the STP and for answers to the following questions:

  • How can I get involved?
  • What commitment do I have to make?
  • What support will I get?
  • What will my role be?
  • What skills do I need?



View/download a summary of the STP here
View/download the full STP here
View/download plans for any of the 44 STPs in England here (interactive map)



The town of Glastonbury looking west from the top of Glastonbury Tor. The fields in the distance are the Somerset Levels.

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